Punished into Problem Solving

No one seems to be satisfied with math education in the United States. Most students come out with complaints that are not developed beyond “it’s hard” or “I don’t get it,” the vagueness of these complaints itself an indictment of the system. Teachers are trapped within a system where they’re told not just what to teach but how and when to teach it. Policymakers are ashamed of losing face on the world stage (the United States is currently ranked 25th in math education by OECD). Worst of all, the vast majority of high school students graduate with a hatred of math and a fundamental inability to do anything that could be relevant to their lives. 

Strangely enough, the solution to the issues of math education may lie in a video game. Dark Souls acts as an excellent model for mathematical...

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Public Confessional Booths

The confessions craze across hundreds of universities is giving students a voice to use, and these pages are beginning to carry weight. Many transfer students and high school seniors read confessions pages to get a sense of how a university student body acts. UTD is no different. The administrators of the UTD Confessions 2.0 Facebook page remind me of a Pinky and the Brain conglomerate, with each admin displaying different levels of emotion and intellect. Considering that they post from behind the mask of an intangible entity, it is easy to forget that the admins are real people, too. To clarify, I mean real students, not UTD police officers like some people seem to believe. However, as per their requests, I will not disclose the identity of those students. 

The basic function of...

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Perpetually Fortuna Laughs

It is said that the Sibyls of antiquity were touched by the god Apollo, and in their frenzied babble could be found dark truth by those with the skill to unravel their riddles. Much like these ancient oracles, Raven Baxter is also cursed with prophetic vision. Throughout the Disney Channel show That’s So Raven, she wrestles with the existential turmoil that her psychic powers subject her to, and a close analysis reveals that her life resembles a modern retelling of ancient Greek tragedy, except with a laugh track and less incest.   

Her destiny, as outlined in the show, is to drift through her own life aimlessly as causality’s plaything. Her carefully organized life is routinely shattered by obscure visions of events removed through time and space, and like Odysseus or Oedipus, she...

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