Sweet Basil Review

Sweet Basil, a quiet Italian restaurant off Midway Road in Addison, provides a fulfilling meal at a reasonable price. The atmosphere was cozy, with an understated ambiance. The small dining room where we were seated allowed for easy conversation. There was an exemplary attention to detail by the staff. Our server or another staff member immediately noticed when something was missing, whether that was a serving spoon for the gnochetti appetizer or a refill on a beverage. Our water glasses were never less than halfway full; parmesan and fresh pepper were immediately offered upon the arrival of our entrees. Portions were quite generous and appropriate for the price. Appetizers ranged from $5 to $9, while entrees varied from $11 to $22 – pasta dishes were on the lower end of the spectrum, while beef and seafood dishes were more expensive.

The gnochetti ($6.50) appetizer (or, as one person in our party put it, “glorified tater tots”) was quite tasty, and the portion was very generous. The sauce was the high note of the appetizer, with a salty-sweet tomato flavor to complement the starchiness of the potato. Other appetizer options included a number with seafood as well as the classic Italian bruschetta and caprese.  Freshly baked bread was provided for the table. Adding soup or salad with an entrée was an extra $2.50; the soup of the day, potato, was creamy and delicious.

As for the entrees, the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese ($12.99) sauce was meaty and well-spiced, but the pasta was unfortunately overcooked. The Pasta Messina ($13.99) had a bright crispness that came from the white wine and lemon butter sauce. The angel hair pasta was al dente and complemented the variety of vegetables exquisitely. The dessert provided a final bright note for the tiramisu was decadently creamy and moist. The cheesecake was similarly rich, while the spumoni ice cream was a tasty treat as well.

For those over the age of 21, Sweet Basil has a decent selection of wines, though the by-the-glass options are limited. The cabernet sauvignon ($8.50) I tried was a nice accompaniment to the meal.