DJ Showcase: Arcade Stereo

What is the main focus of your show Arcade Stereo?

The main focus of Arcade Stereo is to inform people about upcoming game releases, gaming events, and development news so that our listeners can stay up to date on all the gaming information.

Why do you feel UTD students should be informed about video game news and developments?

UTD has a huge video game culture on campus. This is partially due to the ATEC program’s game development major, as well as the general “geek culture” commonly associated with UTD as a school. Keeping the student body up to date on video game news and development keeps students aware of the changing climate of game development and the different trends of the game industry as a whole.

What games were foundational in developing your love of video games?

Kolton: Personally, my favorite game growing up was Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the N64. I really shouldn’t have been playing it at the age I did, but the goofy, adult humor made me develop a love for gaming from a young age. The game really showed me that you didn’t have to make a game funny for everyone, and that games could fall into a niche category.

Caleb: I first started playing games on my brother’s Genesis, playing the Batman Forever video game with my dad. That grew to eventually getting a PS2 and playing games like Star Wars Battlefront with my best friend. When my friend wasn’t around I didn’t enjoy those games as much and looked for new titles. Jax and Daxter holds a special place in my heart because it was the first game in which I became invested in the story. That drove me to seek out other games with great stories and lead to me finding a love for the Final Fantasy series and other JRPG style games.

What are your current favorite games?

Kolton: My current favorite games are Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ve been a huge Blizzard fan for a long time and Overwatch and Hearthstone provide me with a platform to play with my friends and also be individually competitive against other players from around North America. Animal Crossing has also played a pretty huge role in my life, providing me with an easy escape whenever I’ve gotten too stressed due to school, work, and other factors throughout normal life. My Animal Crossing town provides me with a small space to focus my energy and decompress after difficult and stress-filled situations.

Caleb:  Lately I’ve really been into CS:GO and League of Legends. Being able to pit my skill against others is a feeling like no other. Outside of those games, the recent Fire Emblem games for the 3DS have been some of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a while. When I’m not playing these games I’m usually finding new mods for Fallout and Skyrim. Being able to add onto the game in terms of story quests and outfits is really great, and the games never run out of things to do.

What current game developments and news most excite you for the future?

Kolton: Personally, the ongoing investigation into No Man’s Sky for false advertising. I think this court case is a ridiculous notion, and the impact it could have on game development will have significantly more repercussions that the internet mob that called for it will have foreseen. If the case says the creator of No Man’s Sky is guilty, then there’s the chance that game developers will no longer preview or release news on the development of their games out of fear. The overall “hype” for games generally created by previews and demos could be lost at conventions because of the fear of not being able to release deadlines because of larger companies’ funding projects and moving deadlines. The court case could be monumental in the media perception of game developers and create serious tension within game development in general.

Caleb: I’m also looking forward to seeing how No Man’s Sky turns out. Aside from that I’m really looking forward to how the new Nintendo Switch does. Granted, most people are saying it is what the WiiU should have been. It’s interesting to see how Nintendo is combining the home console with the portable. This with the fact that the Switch will support the new Unreal Engine for games shows that Nintendo took the concern from the past consoles not living up to the standards of the PlayStation or Xbox in terms of power. Nintendo has had a rough past couple of years for their home console so it will be interesting to see how the Switch will do and if it will help save them.

Is this a show made by gamers, for gamers, or is this show trying to change the average student’s perspective toward gaming?

Kolton: The show is designed for anyone to learn about gaming news. We do our best to explain games, characters, and development terms to people who wouldn’t understand them normally. We want to create a friendly, podcast-like environment where everyone is allowed to call in and discuss something with us in a civil manner, or just sit back and enjoy listening to the news about games and game development.

Caleb: I think this show is more a combination between the two. We talk about the newest gaming news and events, and if a topic is controversial we try to provide both sides of the topic so our audience will be able to make their own judgement. We want the show to be fun for listeners and give them something they can listen to and think “Hey, that’s a really good point,” and “Someone else thinks this too.”

Is there anything else you’d like new or current listeners to know about your show?

Kolton: Please don’t be afraid to call in or message us questions. We list the number during every show, and I say my Twitter handle so people can message me off-the-air with questions or topics they’d like to hear discussed on the show. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s @ArcadeStereoKC.

Caleb: Don’t be afraid to talk to us about the show if you see us around. We both handle events for on campus activities and would be more than happy to talk gaming news with people. Besides that, call in or tweet at us during the show.

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