ILL-ADVISED with Aunt Mo and Aunt Jo

Aunt Mo and Aunt Jo are not aunts and are in no way actually qualified to answer your questions. However, they have a lot of opinions and want you to follow them. This column aims to satisfy our need to give unsolicited advice.  

How do I confess my love to my TA???? – Pining Pupil

Jo: Don’t. Don’t engage, stare from afar… That’s what I always do and I feel like it works pretty well.
Mo: Legally, you can. You have to jointly file paperwork with the University. I had a really hot Physics TA my first year here… Sadly, his butt was not as cute as his hair, and I pretty quickly fell out of love. Oh wait, my Math TA was also really hot. I had him in a class the next semester, but I did not engage.
Jo: But I think the more pressing question is, how do you confess love to someone?
Mo: I’m going to say you don’t…
Jo: New plan! You should write love notes on the back of tests… and stare at him a lot until he notices you.
Mo: Use it as a motivator to study for the class and bottle up all your emotions.

How do we go back in time and somehow elect Obama for a third term? – Desperately Hopeful

Jo: Aunt Mo, you’re a scientist, how do we do this?
Mo: …Science can’t help us now.

I’m not really interested in any of the guys I know, but I feel like I’ve met everyone I’m going to meet at UTD. How do I find new social circles without ditching my old ones? – Dateless in Dallas

Mo: First off, thank you for using the correct name format.
Jo: I would like to add that we are in Richardson… Might I suggest Romanceless in Richardson? Unless you actually do live in Dallas, in which case I apologize.
Mo: You don’t have to be interested in anyone. Don’t stress yourself out if you don’t connect with someone right away. Maybe now just isn’t your time.
Jo: 10/10 can relate. I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this question because I don’t really date… My solution has been to give up and really work on strengthening my female friendships.
Mo: A lot of our friends have met people at the UTD climbing wall… So there’s that.
Jo: If you go get boba, sometimes boys will hit on you.
Mo: Apparently, there is a hot market of TAs out there… Might want to take some classes that tap into that.
Jo: Or, if you don’t want to actually interact with people, get on Bumble! It will probably not help you form friendships, but you can find boys, and, if you’re female, you have to take the first step! Which is why Bumble is better than Tinder, because you can make it a game. I would like to take this time to formally apologize to any boy I have matched with on Bumble and/or Tinder and not messaged. It’s not you, it’s me.
Mo: I would like to suggest you reexamine your best friends. Who knows!
Jo: Or, if they’re hopeless, get involved in your community in new ways. Join clubs! Get involved with club sports, if that’s your jam. Talk to people in your classes. Every stranger is a new friend waiting to be made!!!!
Mo: Four years isn’t too long, right?

My friend keeps asking me for “help” on stuff she writes for classes and stuff, and she’s using my ideas. She’s gotten really good grades and reviews on stuff she has written. I’m upset because those are MY ideas and she’s taking credit for them. Am I being petty? Or do I have a right to be upset? If I have a right to be upset, how do I tell her to stop/how do I get out of it when she asks for my “help”? Thanks. – Accurately Depicated Jesus

Jo: You are perfectly justified in being annoyed. I don’t think it’s petty, but there’s a chance that I’m also just petty…
Mo: Unless she is using the ideas to benefit herself in classes you are also in, I can see how she doesn’t see the harm in her actions. It is then up to you to stop her.
Jo: If you want to go the straightforward route, you could say something like “It bothers me when you use my ideas for your work. I’m happy to brainstorm, but it bothers me when you use my ideas.” But also, how much do you value this person’s friendship?
Mo: If this friend only uses you for answers, you might want to rethink this friendship… or start giving terrible ideas.

Does Temoc date humans? – TemocGirl4Lyfe

MoJo: YES!

(Editor’s Note: The AMP Investigative Team cannot confirm if procreation is possible.)

I am homesick. What have you found is the best way to combat this? – A Californian, Desperately Missing the Beach

Jo: Have I mentioned yet that I’m from New Orleans? Okay, well I’m from New Orleans and because it’s the best city in the world, I miss home constantly… Mostly my family, but also the food…
Mo: Well, I’m from San Antonio, so my most common coping mechanism is eating tacos.
Jo: My best advice is to create a home here in any way you can. Try to find communities, keep yourself busy, call your mom, make a home cooked meal, make your friends eat said home cooked meal, journal about how much your friends enjoyed said home cooked meal… Hopefully you’ll end up still appreciating your home, but recognizing how much you have here.
Mo: Call your mom. Do it. She will thank you. And us.

Why is Trump the way he is?! – A Confused Alum / Medical Student

Jo: Toxic masculinity and extreme privilege!!!!!
Mo: … 

I’ve a crush. How do I stop having a crush? – Crush Haver

Mo: Turn that crush into a boyfriend! You’ll no longer have a crush.
Jo: I support that. Whenever I’ve had a crush and started dating them, I then start hating them. That’s a form of eliminating a crush, right? Let’s hope my one ex from high school doesn’t read AMP!
Mo: But if you really must keep this crush…
Jo: What level is this crush? Is it Aunt Jo and Aunt Mo having crushes on random people in the dining hall, or is it someone you know and really care about? If you really have strong feelings, you can tell them and get over it either way. But you might want to think about how much they might like you back. Alternative options include spending a lot of time with them so you end up hating them, or spending almost no time with them so you forget they exist. But, if they’re a random person in the dining hall, calling them out on Yik Yak tends to be the best option. Otherwise…
Mo: Cut ‘em off.

I keep submitting questions to the AMP advice column instead of doing my homework. Please help me stop. – Advice Addict

Mo: I keep submitting answers! I can’t help you there.
Jo: No.

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