20 Study Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your Grades

Find the perfect studying space

I heard the library is a good place to start. Aside from the bored-looking students, and being in a quiet, boring environment, I feel like I can make the most out of this. I will look back on this moment when I get a 100 on this organic chemistry exam. It’s cozy enough as well; I can imagine being here for an unhealthy amount of time. The sacrifices I make to maintain a mediocre GPA…

It’s been 20 minutes and all I have been doing is focusing on my internal monologue while staring into space…

I haven’t even turned on my laptop yet.

Set a study plan

Okay! Concentrate! So, I have to read up on two chapters, as well as attempt a couple hundred practice problems in the textbook, with four days left to spare until the exam. So today, I will focus on one chapter, look over the lecture notes for that, and then move onto practice problems. Tomorrow, I can do the same for the other chapter. Day three, I will only focus on the practice problems that I wasn’t able to finish, and if I get stuck on something, I can visit the professor during his office hours for help. Day four, revise.

I mean, this is certainly not my most creative plan, but it’s something. If I follow this, I should do just fine. Time to get st– oh, it’s only 10:45 a.m. I could wait until 11. You know, to time myself more accurately. And I’ve already taken the time to plan all of this out, so I deserve a small break before I subject myself to studying for hours, right?

Turn off all social media notifications

It’s 11:30 now and I have yet to start looking over my notes. It shouldn’t be this hard. You know what? I’m going to give this subject my full attention now. That means no more Netflix, no more YouTube, and silencing my phone.

Alright, nothing can distract me now, I have class in a couple of hours. I think I could get a lot done by then.

Radicals undergo two main types of reactions: they react with σ bonds, and they add to — it’s been two seconds, what if someone called me? What if there’s an emergency — there’s nothing.

Color code your notes

My untouched multicolored Muji pens have been judging me from the opening of my pencil case since the very beginning. I did that; I went out of my way to buy cute pens from Amazon and waited for them as they shipped all the way from Japan… and for what? I thought they would inspire me to write aesthetically pleasing notes, but here we are. It’s 3:30 and I’m starting to feel myself slowly give up.

Reward yourself

You’re right; I need a mental health break. I think the fact that I’ve subjected myself to a stressful environment for more than five minutes is quite problematic. I’m going to grab myself a drink: Capri Sun. Take a bath: Bath & Body Works. Watch a show: Real Housewives (preferably Atlanta). I deserve to treat myself. I can’t believe I invented self-care at this very moment. Once I am relaxed, everything will fall into place.

Collaborate with study partners/set up a study group

Well, it’s too late for that now. There’s only one day left, and I have no friends.

Test yourself with practice problems

Practice problems? I haven’t even gone over the chapters’ lecture notes yet… F%$#! I only have one day left!

Make flash cards

What was I doing? Where did the past four days go?

Attend lectures

I’m really not in the mood to be mocked right now.

Go to PLTL/SI sessions

I need to focus and think of a solution, quick!

Do not cram all information the night before

Oh, don’t patronize me…

Ignore contact with family

Okay, according to the professor’s grade distribution…

Sleep is for the weak

If I ace the rest of my quizzes and get a 100 on the final…

Make sure to regularly down 80 oz. of water every hour to stay hydrated

Then I should be solid for the semester! Piece of cake.

Wallow in self-doubt

…Oh, what’s the point?

This information won’t matter in three years

I think it was Albert Einstein who once said “Everybody’s a genius.”

Beyoncé didn’t go to college

There’s only an hour left.

What is self-care?

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I am actually walking into an exam knowing nothing about the unit. I can’t believe I invented masochism at this very moment.

Maybe the occasional two-point curve will save you

But will it, though… will it?

Stay positive!

Well, there’s always the option to drop your lowest exam grade. Better luck next time, I guess.