What Your Preferred Social Media Says About Your Alignment

You are what is considered a lawful good. There is a strict code of conduct you follow very closely. Your content remains constant and reflects your underlying beliefs. You consider blogging a valuable platform with which you can reach a vast audience with your wholesome and ethically sound ideas. Often you find yourself alone at parties. Everything you say is eventually met with glazed-over expressions and subtle disinterest.

You are a master of neutral good. You’re notorious for selectively getting your hands
dirty for something you deem a worthy cause. But casual acts of compassion? In this
economy? Your web content exists for the sole purpose of furthering your cause and career. You would save someone’s life without hesitation, but if the same person were to ask you to help him with his homework: you couldn’t be less interested.

You fall into the category of chaotic good. You will cater to your idea of justice at any cost necessary. You have always maintained that rules are for suckers and that you operate to the beat of your own drum. Your personal conscience and sense of good-doing is your sole moral compass. You have “All Ends Justify The Means” tattooed on your neck. Your web content follows suit with the same trend of unencumbered intensity. Pretty much all your friends have your story muted.

As far as alignment goes, you’re the true lawful neutral. Very similar to WordPress, your
fanatical obsession with sticking to your rules has caused reason for others to question
your methods. Unlike your good counterpart, you’re willing to preserve balance by any
means necessary. You will help whoever is at a disadvantage as part of your
commitment to keeping the balance. You will support centrist pro-establishment
politicians and anti-capitalist SJW movements in the same breath. You live and breathe
respectability politics. Anything to keep the balance, keep things nice.

I’m sorry to inform you that you have the misfortune of being classified as true neutral.
Essentially you’re a raging social media narcissist who literally cares about nothing
unrelated to your current happiness. Everyone is highly indifferent to your existence in
general: while they won’t go after you online, no one would bother to help you out if you
were in a bind in real life. Your content centers around livestreams that no one understands nor cares to understand.

As a creature of impulse, you’re best suited as a chaotic neutral. While you’re not
wholly a terrible person, you have a tendency to post without thinking depending on your mood. You’re insanely bad at planning ahead and at best, tactless. Your online presence is riddled with bad hot takes that you always end up changing your mind about after a raucous argument in the comments section. Your sporadic personality translates offline and into reality as impatient and hasty, making you a handful for what few friends you have.

You would best be described as lawful evil. You, like the other lawfuls, have a specific code you live by and rules you follow. What sets you apart is your ruthless sense of retribution for anyone who crosses you. You cannot let well enough alone. Your tendency to doxx anyone who looks at you wrong online has given you a reputation as an unrelenting enforcer of values that you have decided are important. Your friends have a separate group chat to discuss your behavior because they are worried about your backlash if you find out about it.

The most common word to describe you, neutral evil, is backstabber. But that’s
because people fundamentally misunderstand your motivations. You are not opposed to turning on your friends if it means you will benefit in some way. To you, it’s not betrayal, because you explicitly state your conditions for loyalty. You flake on plans last minute, but when you’re called out on it, you reiterate that you never committed to any of the existing plans in the first place. Your online content centers around an ideology that you feel safe supporting, but is highly useful in achieving its purpose.

The reason this article is anonymous is you, chaotic evil. While you’re an asset with
your technical knowledge and expertise in your field, you’re code red levels of batshit. The only thing that keeps you from destroying your peers is the potential advantage they might pose for your personal benefit. Your content fluctuates between harmful to others and extremely harmful to others. While you don’t have many friends in your real life, you don’t mind because you yield an insane amount of power online and enjoy making others uncomfortable.

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