Food for Thought: Little Greek

Like most of you, my boyfriend and I have a few comfy, favorite restaurants in our rotation. We’re fortunate at UTD to have a variety of types of food at our fingertips, but all of the options can be so overwhelming that you just end up going to Cane’s for the 5th time this month. I’m here to help you with this dilemma by sharing one of my non-fast food faves, The Little Greek. It’s even right across the street from Cane’s, so you don’t have to break too far out of your comfort zone.

As the name suggests, The Little Greek offers Greek and Mediterranean food in a cozy, low-key atmosphere. Located on the southeast corner of Coit and Campbell, it’s easily accessible for students with or without cars, since the UTD bus stops near that corner from both directions. Customers order from the counter, so it relieves the pressure of prolonged social interaction with waitstaff, but it’s classy and unique enough to work for a casual lunch date. I’ve also never seen it very crowded, so it’s a nice little hidden getaway from the crowds of school or bustle of work. They also have some outside tables, which I always like.

Greek food (read: gyros) is nice, because it gives you the illusion of making healthier food choices than rotating between burger chains. I’m sure if I got something other than a gyro or chicken pita, that would be true, but really it’s just taking a break from one kind of meat sandwich and fries to eat a fancier meat sandwich and fries. I still tell myself it’s a better choice than Steak ‘n Shake because pita has to be better for you, right? Plus, it’s covered in veggies, and tzatziki sauce is made from cucumbers. And let me tell you, they don’t skimp on the tzatziki sauce or the fries. The gyros are always smothered in sauce, and Little Greek’s french fries are actually one of my favorites. I may not know much about Greek food, but I do know about french fries, and these are Top Notch. They’re the thick crispy kind, seasoned with salt and pepper, actually much better than Cane’s or Steak ‘n Shake.

I’ve tried the regular gyro pita and the Greek chicken pita, both of which are good. Again, I’m no connoisseur, so maybe I’m ignorant of Real Greek Food or whatever, but hey. I like what I like. They offer plenty of other options, like soup, rice plates, and other entrées (the pictures of which look very nice). They even have a small dessert case with cannolis and baklava. Little Greek offers catering, if you’re in need of that, and you can also pick up or order to go. Most importantly, they offer a UTD discount in the form of a free drink, and on Mondays, the pitas are discounted. And finally, interestingly enough, they are BYOB, so you could potentially get drunk on a Monday and take advantage of free soda and cheap gyros.

Ultimately, I’d keep going to The Little Greek just for the french fries, but the rest of the food is worth the fifteen-minute drive, too. So if you’re looking for something fresh, close to campus, and cheap-ish, I would definitely recommend The Little Greek.

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