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"The Scientific Burrito!"

112 ingredients for making a burrito. And the very last one is thyme. Who knew?

112 ingredients for making a burrito. And the very last one is thyme. Who knew?

artwork by Luke McKenzie

See the cartoon spread here: view the PDF!

And here's the expanded, beautified CHART. Big and frameable, so you can put it in your kitchen and sleep soundly, knowing your burrito will be well-formed in the morning.

1680x1050 JPG for your 20" flatpanel
6000x3613 JPG with colored background
6000x3613 JPG with white background (still has a soft place in my heart)
645ppi CMYK A3 PDF full-res for the Kinko's dude/lady

If you know what "645ppi," "A3" and "CMYK" mean, and why I included them ... come work for us.

This article appears on page 12 in Vol. 4, Issue 1 -- September 2007


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Ben Leamon posted on 2007-09-05

I'm deeply disappointed by the lack of a frame-ready Burriodic Table. While the promise of a "this weekend" delivery date allows me to get out of bed in the morning, I must continue to cry myself to sleep each night until I have a Table of my very own.

Luke posted on 2007-09-06

I may disappoint on the temporal front, as this is my hated, hated curse; but I shall not disappoint on the colorization front (which is happening right now). You shall have a poster of which your Mother would be proud. If she is in the habit of putting thyme in her burritos, anyway.

PS. I'm glad somebody wants a copy.

Luke posted on 2007-09-07

Here's a table, there's a table, everywhere's a burriodic table, table!

(Come get the table)

golightly posted on 2007-09-24

this makes me really, really happy.

Beesley posted on 2007-09-29

Luke McKenzie, you are my hero.

Luke posted on 2007-09-29